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November 4, 2007
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Cosplay: Maeve Costume and Wig by priscellie Cosplay: Maeve Costume and Wig by priscellie
I dressed up as Maeve (the Winter Lady) from The Dresden Files book series to chill with Jim Butcher at PhauxCon 5. I'm so freaking proud of this costume. I spent a week making the wig alone!

The Wig:
  1. The base wig is "Ivy" in white from I also discovered the joy of wig caps, which make things soooo much easier when your hair is as long as mine!
  2. I dyed the wig with a faint blue-green glow using this recipe, though the subtle streaking ended up being imperceptible when I dreaded it. Drat.
  3. I backcombed small, irregular-sized snatches of hair at a time into dreadlocks, a process that took hours! At the temples, I paid special attention to the direction I wanted some of the dreads to go. This made the buns a lot easier to manage!
  4. As the dreading process revealed the gaps in the wig mesh, I filled in the holes by adding wool extensions in two or four-strand chunks of Colinette Point 5, which I distressed and untwisted and combined with Colinette Mohair until it looked more of less like a dreadlock. I attached them to the mesh using miniature zip ties, purchased at Radio Shack.
  5. The colors I used were Jay, Lagoon, Banwy, and Gaugin. Looking back, I wish I had more white represented, and the rich blue Salty Dog would have been lovely, but I'm still very pleased with how it turned out! I bought all the wool off eBay, as Colinette is very difficult to find in the US for any reasonable price.
  6. I styled the wig into the pigtail buns and pinned them in place with bobby pins. As the tails weren't as thick as I'd like, I added more wool extensions.

  7. I briefly detailed the rest of the costume-making process here.
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Epic, I bow to you
It is a very good likeness you become.

BY the way, did you know Jim cut his hair and got a shave (I almost didn't recognize who the photo was of with the Author tid-bit thing they do)
Awesome just Awesome. That wig is amazing.
Can u do sum pics of Mab and Harry's godmother.
Fabulous! And I am so jealous! Ha ha ha. I can't wait for Turn Coat! *gleeeee*
You SHOULD be proud! That wig is amazing. Exactly how I imagined Maeve when I read the series.
Can't wait to see what your doing for this year. 8)
Wow, Jim is shorter then I picture. heh. Looks like you had fun. Nice job maintaining the forum
priscellie Apr 30, 2008  Student Filmographer
Nah, Jim is tall! I'm 5'9" and wearing 6" heels. And the wig probably adds another couple inches. :D

Yeah, I reaaaaaally feel like a queen of Winter in that costume!
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